FurFriends - Unleashing dog lovers

Unleashing dog lovers!

Sign up to get exclusive access to the app and win a brand-new 8-person tent!

Safely socialize your dog with other dogs while discovering new places for them to enjoy

Furfriends - Unleashing dog lovers

Connect with dog owners
with the same vibe

Furfriends - Unleashing dog lovers

See other dogs' friendliness and energy levels, and vaccine status before meeting up

Furfriends - Unleashing dog lovers

Find local restaurants, beaches, and more that allow and offer dog amenities

Track your dog’s fitness

Keep your dog in the best shape possible mentally and physically by tracking their fitness to improve their health.

Furfriends - Unleashing dog lovers
Furfriends - Unleashing dog lovers

“Furfriends has become my go-to app to meet other dog lovers. It motivates Pip and me to stay healthy by going on walks. It's easy and fun to use! I love it! Definitely, a must-have
for dog owners!”

Jessica & Pip (beta tester)

Furfriends - Unleashing dog lovers

Join playdates

Socialize your dog safely and help them develop good behavior skills around other friendly dogs

Furfriends Calendog - Unleashing dog lovers

Take your dog walks to a whole new level with Furfriends!

Schedule play dates, track your dog’s walks, and discover dog-friendly venues near you!

Furfriends - Unleashing dog lovers

Fun and safe playdates

Get full access to our Furfriends community and easily find a well-matched furpal for your next playdate.

Furfriends - Unleashing dog lovers

Dog-friendly locations

Discover new places to bring your dog. Find out if restaurants have patio seating or allow dogs inside.

Furfriends - Unleashing dog lovers

Personal Calendog

Built with your dog in mind. Access your calendar to discover fantastic events in your part of town!

Furfriends - Unleashing dog lovers


Earn extra credit for going on walks. Track how many miles, elevation, and calories burned your dog has achieved.

FurFriends Calendog - Unleashing dog lovers


We'll get back to you soon. In the meantime, discover more about the Furfriends community


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